The Work Orders module interfaces with the Inventory and Vehicle Maintenance modules to provide a complete shop control system.

Parts, labor, shop supplies and outside services are all entered and recorded by work order number. These costs are displayed or printed in summary or detail form for management review.

The history of all work orders and associated costs are kept on the system for future analysis.Work in process is reported, as well as current status of in-house work orders.

Labor rates are kept independent of payroll files to allow different shop rates.Several shop rates and discount levels are available, providing the flexibility handle and bill outside work. Any outside work for customers will update the Accounts Receivable module.

Features include:

  • All work order history is recorded in the maintenance history file for management analysis.
  • Work to be performed and work actually performed can be entered and printed for the shop mechanic.
  • All associated costs for in-house work or service provided by an outside shop are easily recorded and accessible on the screen.
  • You will have the tools to measure shop efficiency as well as a true picture of the upkeep costs of any piece of equipment.
  • Labor routines can be set up and described. This information will print out on the work order so that your shop people will know just what is expected on the work to be performed.
  • Reports:
    -Work Order Worksheet with instructions
    -Work In Process report
    -Work Order Status report
    -Job Code Listing
    -Work Order Reconciliation report
    -Closed Work Orders Deletion Listing
    -Labor Summary report
    -Profitability Report