Vehicle Maintenance and Forecasting are designed to protect the most important part of your business....your fleet. The investment you have in your equipment is substantial, and proper and timely maintenance will not only cost less in parts and labor, but will keep your units on the road, where they belong.

The system has three major functions: 1. Current status report of each vehicle and its associated components and inspections 2. Complete maintenance history, by component and by vehicle 3. Forecast future maintenance and inspection needs Component profiles and inspections for each make and model of equipment can be set up according to your procedures and needs.

You can be as detailed or general as you choose in defining what parts, components, assemblies and subsystems you wish to track.When a new piece of equipment is entered into the system, the component master for that type is copied into the profile for that new equipment. As miles, inspections and maintenance occur, the equipment and all associated components are updated.Reports are available to obtain historical, current and forecast information. Current and historical information is also available on the screen. Warranty information is monitored and flagged when appropriate.

The Maintenance Forecasting Reports are used to schedule equipment and shop resources in and optimum manner. Master file of information pertaining to each piece of equipment in the fleet is continually updated.

The Vehicle/Parts program allows you to display all of the information on each vehicle as well as all of the major components which must be tracked. If the component is an assembly, the assembly parts will also be tracked and can be accessed for viewing. Automatic balancing controls during data entry to protect against debit/credit imbalance. Invalid account numbers are immediately rejected at time of entry Journal entries can be easily viewed, modified, or deleted as needed directly from the screen. Complete transaction audit trail Both detailed as well as summary trial balance formats are available at any time.

All detail of prior periods is retained in history files, allowing you to reconstruct and/or modify past periods if the need should arise. A two year history of miles per month is kept for managerial analysis and used as the basis for automatic miles computation in forecasting.

Mileage and maintenance information is entered and automatically updates the vehicle and associated parts. Any overdue items are brought to the operator's attention and listed on the Overdue report, or sent to the dispatcher via an Alert. Forecasting capabilities are very flexible, allowing the operator to forecast for any specific piece of equipment or the entire fleet.

As work orders are completed, the cost of parts information and actual labor costs are written to a history file for future reference. Every time a part is removed or installed, a record is written to the part history file with all pertinent information such as the total miles, equipment miles at install, etc. The life of the part can then be tracked. Reports and Displays:

  •  Vehicle Status
  •  Vehicle Forecast
  •  Maintenance History
  •  Component Status
  •  Component History
  •  Component Master List
  •  Tire History
  •  Maintenance Forecasting Calendar
  •  Component History by Vehicle