What do we mean by built-in imaging? Classic Software's ability to tie in imaging capabilities so tightly that the user does not have to run complicated software to store or view images.

You can View, Email, Fax, or Print Images once they have been stored on your server. The Imaging capabilities are integrated into many parts of the system allowing you so store all types of important documents.

We also offer a customizable filing system to allow storage of other documents such as titles, personal documents, agreements, contracts, reports, etc. This is how it works: Let's say you wanted to save documents associated with a particular dispatch trip, you simply: 1. Pull up the dispatch trip in the system 2. Insert the documents that you want to scan into the scanner 3. Hit the save image(s) key. The system will scan your pages, save them in reference to the trip number, then show you what was saved for confirmation/verification. It is just that easy!

To view documents, you simply: 1. pull up the trip you are interested in 2. Press the view images key... ~!! That's all it takes !!~

 The imaging software uses a Lossless Compression to guarantee you wont miss any details of the original images. The Imaging software compression is also very high enabling you to store an incredible number of high-resolution images (300-600 dpi) on a hard disk.