The Vehicle Communications System provides you with the capability to communicate with the driver via notebook computer, cell phone, or tablet.  You can send the next load information, directions to a customer’s location, or any other message form that you set up.  The driver can communicate with dispatch with message forms that are set up:  such as:  Arrived at Shipper, Check Call, Delivered, etc.  This information then updates dispatch with location information, updated dispatch information:  such as P.O. No, weight, Bill of Lading No, etc.

Messages to dispatch come into an INBOX in Classic dispatch.  The message can be viewed, processed, or deleted by the dispatcher.  When they are processed, dispatch is updated, and the message is removed from the queue.

Features include:

  • Dispatch can send freeform or ‘canned’ messages to the truck
  • Driver can send freeform or ‘canned’ message to dispatch
  • ‘Canned’ messages are set up at the office. Check the boxes of info wanted on the form
  • Next load information can be sent to driver: trip no, shipper, consignee, dates, etc
  • Instructions to shipper or consignee locations can be sent to driver
  • Message can be sent to individual driver or all drivers
  • Update messages received from driver can update load status, location, ref numbers, etc.
  • Update messages can write a trace record
  • Driver can send DVIR which is forwarded to shop
  • Fuel purchases can be updated to Trip Reporting – Fuel and Trip Reporting – Expenses
  • Payroll information can update Payroll or Settlements
  • Roadside repairs can be sent to dispatch and the shop
  • Messages to and from the truck are sent immediately
  • Driver’s INBOX is re-displayed every 60 seconds for new messages