Dispatch is the central point for all key information for your day-to-day operations. A powerful "single      screen" approach allows your dispatchers to enter new loads, update in-transit loads, research trip details, perform rating, and match equipment with available loads and drivers. As well as the myriad of others tasks they are required to perform.

The Dispatch Software module is closely linked with all the master files for other modules of the system. The result is that it "remembers" all the important information your dispatcher needs to know while performing his duty; Equipment Details, Driver Information, Customer Details, Credit Status and Rating, Routes, Subcontractor and Lessor Data, etc. are all quickly called into the screen as loads are entered or updated.

Any load is immediately accessible by a wide variety of search options. Current status and tracking history provide all the details to know exactly where a load is and how it has moved. Your Dispatchers time will be much more effectively used, because the time spent researching or looking up information will be minimized. Operations / Dispatch Features Full Load Bulk Freight Less than Load (LTL) Heavy Haul Intermodal / City / Container Dispatch Freight Brokerage Operations Analysis Additional Operations Information Dispatch Interfaces to 3rd-party Applications Document Imaging in Operations Classic has been providing proven solutions to the trucking industry for more than 20 years.

Today you can have a full-featured integrated system to help manage each part of your Business, at an affordable investment. Classic's modular design means the features can be tailored to fit your needs. Do you know:

  •  Your deadhead percentage?
  •  Your revenue per loaded mile?
  •  Your revenue per actual mile?
  •  Your expenses per mile?
  •  Your miles per gallon?
  •  Maintenance costs per mile?
  •  Customer Ranking?
  •  Profitable traffic lanes?  

Classic makes it easy to keep up with the changing demands of your operation and Customers:

  • Lane Analysis (find Customers and carriers you have used before in any specific traffic lane)
  •  Enter Loads (select the best and quickest way from five entry alternatives, such as copying a load Template)
  •  Credit Checking (system can check Customer's available credit while entering a new load)
  •  Auto Rating (store Customer rates and the system can prompt you on the correct rate on the next similar load)
  •  Multiple Loads (handles multiple picks or drops as well as partial loads as LTL)
  •  Manage Loads (keep track of handling changes and re-power, re-seat, drop and pickup trailers as often as needed)
  •  Call Checks (monitor the check-in status for Drivers and Power based on the check-in date and time you have prescribe)
  •  Retrieve Loads (quickly by trip, Customer, driver, equipment, or any trip Ref#, P/O# or B/L#)
  •  Tracing (view who did what when or where and why on any load, equipment or driver)
  •  Analysis Reports (tailored for Sales, Dispatch, Operations, the DOT or IFTA, and a range of crucial Accounting reports)