Back up your data and programs automatically, without having to worry about it. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your data can be easily restored from our secure servers.
  •  No more switching disks, tapes, or cartridges
  •  No more waiting for backups to finish
  •  No more shuttling backups to and from someone's home
  •   System sends you an email confirming a successful backup
  •   Backup can include servers, workstations and laptops
  •   Your data is stored in a secure Login/Password protected "Server Vault"
  •   Your data is encrypted and compressed before being sen
  •   Your data is checked and verified against corruption as it is stored  
  •   You control what is backed up and how often
  •   Your data is stored by date in unlimited "layered" copies  
  •   Your Layered data can be restored back to whatever date is needed    
  •   From "crash" to "back up and running takes an average of 2 - 3 hours

Classic ProBackup enables you to increase the safety of your data. It makes it easier to verify the integrity of the backup, and stores data out of harms way. The value of any backup system is in it's flexibility to capture and restore data, and in the time it takes to restore your system in case of a system failure.