Classic Software

is the premier leader in Trucking  and Logistics Software, and has been working closely with Operations and Administrative personnel for over 30 years in the development of effective Trucking Industry Software solutions.

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Classic is a single-entry, fully-integrated Operations-Dispatch and full featured Accounting program that offers optional modules for the Shop; including, Vehicle Maintenance, Work Orders, Inventory and Purchasing. On LINUX, Classic can provide excellent remote access via the internet so those who need to work off-site from terminals or home, such as: Owners, Managers or Dispatchers, can securely do so.



Classic makes it easier to enter loads, assign the right equipment, track and pay drivers, and accurately bill the customer with their Trucking Software. Classic can provide real time-saving solutions to your company in a powerful and easy to use format that can uncomplicate the most complex load or scheduling problem with their Trucking Dispatch Software.

With a variety of interface options Classic can help you tailor the best Trucking Software features for your company into an easy to use, smooth running package that reflects your business objective with the right tools to help your people save time and get the job done.