Settlements programs receive information from the Dispatch and Freight Bills modules, and consolidate that information to automatically process one of the most tedious and time-consuming parts of your business.

Because the system and it's information are on-line and accessible at all times, changes or additions can be readily made to handle unplanned expenses or changes during the course of a particular trip.

Detailed settlement sheets provide clear and complete documentation for each trip.
All expenses and advances are tracked and automatically deducted from the settlement check.

* Reconciliation of monies advanced with monies owed to a subcontractor
* Flexible rating and payment methods
* Automatic update of general ledger when check is printed
* Individual selection option for trips to be included in a pay period
* Detailed settlement sheet that itemizes loads and deductions can be included with check
* Instant display of driver earnings, advances and expenses by trip
* Settlement Forecast report
* Settlement Summary report
* Automatic printing of Settlement checks
* Settlement Check Register
* Lessor Settlement Register
* 1099's