Classic Software's Driver's Logs System records all entries of all drivers, as per requirements of the national Department of Transportation. A complex set of rules make up the allowed hours of driving, on-duty, off-duty, and sleeping. Violations for the 11, 14, 60/70 hour rules are issued. Speeding is detected. Omission violations are recorded (missing signature, etc).

Supplemental log entries can be entered. Events such as delays (weather, mechanical, traffic, etc) and financial (tolls, fuel, fines) can be stored permanently and linked to the day it applied to.

An online view of all drivers in exhaustive detail is available, including on-duty hours available in the 60/70 hour period. Monthly summaries of activity and violations are available for any month/any driver. Reports include a compliance report to be signed by the driver, supplemental entries, violations, team logs, latest log per driver, and a driver problem list.