Inventory Control is intended to work hand-in-hand with the Vehicle Maintenance and Work Orders modules. It assists you in maintaining the proper parts and quantities for smooth and prompt equipment service. The module is designed to optimize stock levels. The tightly integrated interface with Vehicle Maintenance Forecasting helps spotlight shortages before they become costly stock-out situations resulting in equipment downtime.

Proper usage of the system can reduce procurement costs and provide information for usage analysis. The extensive information stored on each inventoryitem, such as quantity on hand, quantity reserved, quantity on order, min and max quantities, core charge, superseded part number, alternate or substitute part numbers, last purchase information and consumption history make this module a very effective cost management tool.

All parts can be assigned up to a twenty character part number, using both letters and numbers. Use of the inventory by other Classic Software modules will reference the inventory by this part number. A classification system is incorporated so that you may classify and print out certain areas or categories of your inventory.
The "cycle" feature allows you to separate inventory into groups, making physical inventory a more manageable task.